Welcome to the IcePets Support Site

This is where you can clear up formalities, whether you want to apply for a position on IcePets' Staff, wish to fill out a survey or need to submit a support ticket.

While spending real life money is in no way a necessity, it helps us to improve IcePets by adding new features to the site, providing pet and item art and pay for the server. As a thank you for supporting the site, you can choose to receive IceCash, a premium currency used to buy useful items from the I.C.E. Shop (Click here to learn more about IceCash) or Account Upgrades that add specific perks to your account (Click here to learn more about Account Upgrades).

Requests let you fund the Avatar, Item or Pet Colour of your dreams. In close collaboration with the Artists you will work on making your dream come true.

If you wish to work with us on improving the site in any way, let it be art, writing or moderating the boards, this is the place for you to go. You can view the current positions and submit your very own application, which is soon to be reviewed by staff.

Feedback is extremely important. That's why we appreciate each and every survey filled out by users. While some are exclusively available for certain events (Such as contests or holidays), some can be seen all throughout the year. Don't fret if there are no surveys available to you at the moment, there are always more to come!

Support Tickets
If you have any problems on IcePets, don't hesitate to send in a Support Ticket. The team will do their best to help you as soon as possible to ensure an enjoyable stay on the site!

Click this tab to see a list of your past and current infractions. For more information about infractions, click here.